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London Office Partitioning

If you are looking for an experienced partitioning contractor, IF CITY LIMITED can offer you the specialist interior services that seamlessly blend aesthetics with function.

We have been offering drywall partitioning in the London and Essex areas for more than ten years, and our experience on both residential and commercial markets has enabled us to develop innovative partitioning systems for all needs and budgets.

IF CITY LIMITED can help you with stylish
partitioning system solutions for offices and retail spaces, offering the highest level of finish, in
addition to approved standards of acoustic proofing and fire proofing.

Partitioning Contractors London

Glass Office Partitions London

The way you divide the working space in your office is important not just for its design, but also for employee productivity. With the right types of partitioning systems for commercial buildings, you can maximise space and add a stylish touch to your interiors. At IF CITY LIMITED, we take pride in being professional partitioning contractors and using the best materials on the market to achieve superior results..

You can choose from several internal partitioning systems, depending on how you would like to divide your workspace. As always, we focus on bespoke partitioning and do a careful evaluation of your building to find the right solutions for your needs.

Glass Office Partitions London

Partitioning Includes

Metal Stud Partitioning

Metal Stud Partitioning

Metal stud partitioning is a highly versatile partitioning solution that creates a stud wall through a framework of metal studs. This option is recommended when you want to make an extra room in your office space.

Shaft Wall Systems London

ShaftWall Systems

ShaftWall is a lightweight, fire-resistant structure constructed from outside the shaft at each floor. ShaftWall systems are lightweight, easy to install, and they can offer you substantial savings when planning your office space.

Glass Partitioning Contractors London

Glass Partitioning Systems

Glass partitioning for offices allows you to make the most out of natural daylight and gives you limitless design options. Glass office partitions are especially popular in London, where they blend in with the city’s modern design. At the same time, they’re durable and easy to maintain.

IF CITY – Drywall and Partitioning Experts

When choosing an office portioning contractor, it’s important to find someone who understands your aesthetic vision and can bring it to reality using the best tools and materials. At IF CITY LIMITED, we take pride in the skills of our technicians and the experience we have gained in more than years of working on both residential and commercial buildings.

We believe that flexibility is key when installing office partitioning systems because each wall needs to serve a particular function. This is why we always take into consideration your design plans and choose the best materials to suit them.

Whether you need glazed partitions, drylining systems, suspended ceilings or other services tailored for office buildings, our experts are ready to assist you.

Drywall and Partitioning Experts

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